As technology changes and the Internet mature into viable enterprise infrastructure connectivity, ID Cloud has developed an online Biometrics solution that enables our customers to utilize our advanced fingerprint matching technology now online.

Through a simple API or via our Industry-Standard identification software our clients can now easily develop their own interfaces and upload queries to our servers. Our professional high-end range of managed servers ensures that all data is always available and protected.

The system handles enrolment, identification and verification of fingerprints as well as storage for biometric data including fingerprint, photo and bio-data.


Enrollment of a new customer entails and data capture component as well as an identification search on the high-speed fingerprint matcher.

On enrollment, the person’s fingerprints are immediately checked against the exceptions database* (This database is user data with exception triggers)


The verification process is the simplest part of the system and does a 1 to 1 verification on a person’s retrieved record. That means the operator will enter an identification token of the customer.
"Easy to use API, easy integration"