Banking identification

Bank customer identification, enabling banking institutions to easily add biometric identification to their branches and internet banking login.

It is becoming more and more important for banking and financial institutions to identify their customers. With our easy to install and use CIS (Customer Identification System) banks can rollout fingerprint identification at cashiers, service desks and ATM’s instantly.

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Time & Attendance

ID cloud brings time and attendance to a new level, instant identification and attendance logging via fingerprint anywhere. Hook up a notebook, Internet, one of our fingerprint readers and you can do check in and check out anywhere. No longer is it necessary to purchase expensive time and attendance units.

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Medicine & Patient management

Make sure you are dispensing medicine to the correct party, fingerprint identification helps ensure that patients are securely identified and ensures that only the correct amount of medicine is dispensed.

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Pensioner Identification

ID Cloud Pensioner Identification is a simple to use application that enroll pensioners via paper or fingerprint readers to help a pension fund ensure that the pensioner only has a single pension account, and no multiple ID’s. Instant payout solutions, enroll, verify and log pension funds movement and ensure the correct person receives their benefits.

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"Industry-Standard, easy to use, fast"