The ID Cloud service provides organizations with a seamless identification solution. ID cloud has an array of cloud-based matching servers that do 1-1 and 1-many fingerprint algorithm checks on fingerprints.

Once an organization has signed up with us hey can download the appropriate API or any one of our pre designed biometric applications. User information can either be stored directly on our server with personal and biometric data or only the fingerprint data can be shared with us.

The users' fingerprint stored with us received a digital id that we communicate back to the client. If the digital id is sent together with the fingerprint the ID cloud server will simply verify the fingerprint against our stored ID and send a match or no match result back to the client. If the client only sends a fingerprint up to the ID cloud service the fingerprint will be matched against all the stored fingerprints from the customers database, if a match is found the digital ID of the match will be sent back to the client, otherwise the system will discard the print and send a no-match found result back to the client system.

To store a new fingerprint into the ID cloud system the Customer ID code, and fingerprint information with file number is sent via the client to the ID cloud service. The fingerprints will be stored and verified and a unique digital ID will be created and communicated back to the client system.

During the verification process, either the image or the extracted algorithm will be analyzed and a live detection is done on the print, this can also be enabled or disabled by the customer in user for forensic identification.
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